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Management Consulting Industry

ProfitPlus Accounts operates within the Management Consulting Industry through a variety of the industries main products and service areas: Strategic management consulting service, financial management consulting services, operations and supply chain management consulting services to a small degree.

ProfitPlus Accounts also operates in the Accounting Services Industry through the provision of Bookkeeping services.

Industry Activities

  • Strategic management consulting services

  • Corporate strategy

  • Financial management consulting services

  • Marketing management consulting services

  • Operations and supply chain management consulting services

  • Other management consulting services

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USA ProfitPlus Accounts Territory

Consulting In The USA

  • Annual Industry Revenue: Revenue: $223bn
  • 12-17 Annual Growth: 3.1%
  • Employment: 1,517,845
  • Business: 723,001

Over the past five years, the Management Consulting industry has been successful as stronger corporate profitability and increasing business expenditure resulted in higher demand for advisory services. Smaller firms continue to enter the industry due to strong profit for successful start-ups

ProfitPlus Accounts In Canada

Consulting In Canada

  • Annual Industry Revenue: Revenue: 14bn
  • 12-17 Annual Growth: 2.0%
  • Employment: 89,212
  • Business: 77,681

Over the past five years, the industry has taken advantage of healthy macroeconomic conditions, with increased business activity and corporate profit margins. Over the next five years, industry revenue is expected to be driven by rising corporate profit, an increasing number of businesses and growing demand from financial, consumer product and public sectors.

ProfitPlus Accounts In The UK

Consulting In The UK

  • Annual Industry Revenue: Revenue: £57bn
  • 12-17 Annual Growth: 6.9%
  • Employment: 431,204
  • Business: 153,288

Industry revenue is expected to grow at a compound annual rate of 6.9% over the five years through 2017-18. Regulatory changes in the financial services sector, the industry’s largest downstream market, have also benefited industry participants as banks and other financial institutions required assistance to reformulate business strategies and operations in order to comply with these changes.

ProfitPlus Accounts In China

Consulting In China

  • Annual Industry Revenue: Revenue: $25bn
  • 12-17 Annual Growth: 11.1%
  • Employment: 480,180
  • Business: 36,094

Although there are many traditional Chinese theories on management philosophy, they have not generally been applied to business. Instead, marketing, not business management, was what initially prompted the establishment of consulting firms in China. Once companies realized that large profits could be generated through effective marketing and management consulting service, they began to actively absorb marketing and management theories from the West.

ProfitPlus Accounts In Australia

Consulting In Australia

  • Annual Industry Revenue: Revenue: 10bn
  • 12-17 Annual Growth: 4.1%
  • Employment: 41,299
  • Business: 12,709

Over the past five years, major industry players have expanded by acquiring tech start-ups, and incorporating this expertise into consulting services. Challenging economic conditions have boosted demand for industry services, as firms aim to improve efficiency, source different revenue streams, and develop growth strategies. Additionally, increased private capital expenditure over the past five years has supported industry revenue as companies hired management consultants for advice before enacting restructuring initiatives and capital purchases. Industry revenue is expected to increase by an annualised 4.1%