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How Our Franchisees Work With Their Clients

When you become a franchisee with ProfitPlus Accounts you become a business advisor for your local business community … delivering world class business improvement services.  As a ProfitPlus Accounts Business Advisor, you work with business owners, CEO’s, Department Heads and General Managers.  In many cases, you are working one-on-one to help them improve their business through strategic planning, profit improvement, cash flow improvement, business value improvement or simply giving them a stronger direction to follow.  You get access to world class training, proprietary software, online systems and ongoing support.  The programs below are an outline of the services you offer business clients.

Business GrowthPlus Workshop

Business GrowthPlus WorkshopBusiness GrowthPlus is a two-day planning workshop to build business confidence, solid direction and a focus on those important areas to grow your client’s business. You normally target between 2 and 20 businesses to attend. Payment per business is a target of 1,500 to 6,000 per business… talk to us about why this ranges so much in price and how you can get the higher rate.

During your two-day workshop, you work with participants on their strategic direction, business growth, strategies for improvement using the ProfitPlus Accounts ready made systems, proprietary software, and PowerPoint presentations.

At the end of the Business GrowthPlus workshop, the participants have a 5-year business plan to help them build a more successful business.

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Health 180Plus Gives Your Clients…

Health 180Plus With ProfitPlus Accounts

A cost-effective method of diagnosing a way of improving your client’s business within a number of key areas of Enquiry Generation, Conversion from Enquiry To Sale,  Average Value of Sale, Repeat Business, Margins Focus, Team Focus, Business Mastery, Competitiveness, and Cash Flow Focus.

Normally the Health 180Plus is an inclusion in a sales meeting as an enticement to gain the client’s trust and their business.  However, it can be delivered as a paid service. If the latter is the case, then you work with your client over 3 short meetings.

The Health 180Plus includes a report with graphs, improvement suggestions against each item assessed and an area for strategies.  The ProfitPlus Accounts software produces an automated report.

Balanced FocusPlus To Align Your Clients

The ProfitPlus Accounts Balanced FocusPlus ProgramProfitPlus Accounts Business Advisors work with thier clients over a number of face-to-face meetings designed to focus you on the key aspects your business. At the end of your interactive meetings, you present your clients with a Comprehensive Diagnostic & Action Plan for improvement.

This is a multiple meeting process designed to improve your client’s knowledge of what is needed to improve their business’s cash flow, profitability, equity value and the cash improvement from each unit of revenue. It’s also designed to help align the owners with a shared direction forward.

Profit GrowthPlus To Grow Your Client’s Profits

Profit GrowthPlus From ProfitPlus AccountsDesigned to improve the Net Profit, reduce the Break Even Point, and increase the Value Multiplier used to calculate the value of your clients business. As well as, immediate improvement during the face to face Business Advisory Sessions.

Your client receives a comprehensive report generated by the ProfitPlus Accounts proprietary software with specific KPI’s you use this to guide your client’s business over the next 12 months, 2 years and 3 years.

The one-on-one business advisory sessions are an additional revenue generator for you.  Were your clients pay you between 1,000 and 4,500 per month to have you attend their business.

Cashflow GrowthPlus To Increase Profits & Cash Flow

CashFlow GrowthPlus To Build Profits & Cash FlowDesigned to improve your client’s Net Profit, reduce the Break Even Point, increase the Value Multiplier used to calculate the value of your client’s business AND improve your client’s Cash Flow and underlying financial structures which affect their Cashflow. As well as direct improvement during the Business Advisory Sessions, your client receive a comprehensive report with specific KPI’s you can use to guide their business over the next 12 months, 2 years and 3 years.

This program is different from the Profit GrowthPlus as it has an additional component which focuses on cash flow.  Using the systems proprietary software system and some simple inputs you can easily assess the cash flow of a business and what needs to change to improve their current situation.

Starter PlanPlus For Small Business Planning

Startup PlanPlus For Small BusinessThis program is focused on building a business plan that gives a combination of clarity and forward direction for businesses that are either in concept, startup or just want to get a quick start to strategic planning. As the trusted advisor for your client’s business your meetings with your clients have been designed to provoke thought, as well as, aligning your their thoughts toward the achievement of their business goals.

Using the ProfitPlus Accounts proprietary business planning software makes the creation of a robust plan simple.  The system automatically produces all of the plan components necessary… which leaves you with the enjoyable task of working one-on-one with your clients.

Funding Planning To Help Clients Get Finance

Funding PlanPlus to Gain FundsWorking with your clients to build a plan which is capable of gaining funding from banks, angel investors, crowd funding or existing shareholders.  The proprietary planning software from ProfitPlus Accounts makes the process simple and enjoyable.  Making sure you have all of the components necessary in your plan and the outcome of the plan gives your client the best possible chance of gaining the funds.

Build on more than 20 years worth of market place testing and use… you are assured of getting the best result for your client. Time spent with your client on building the direction, setting up the plan and helping them along the way gives you a perfect scenario to work long term with them.

Business AdvisorPlus And GrowthPlan Plus

Growth PlanPlus To Scale Up A BusinessBoth of the programs have been designed for you to work with your clients one-on-one over an extended period of time… many years into the future.  The longer you work with your clients, the more successful they will be.  This can be one year, two years or even decades.  When you become a client’s trusted business advisor, and you give great value, and your client’s business is growing… they will want you to stay with them indefinitely.

GrowthPlan Plus is a combination of yearly strategic planning, implementation of the plan and then monthly monitoring of the results.  This is about monthly improvement to the plan.  The update of the assumptions in the plan and then the annual review of the plan. Business AdvisorPlus is the meetings to implement the play ALTHOUGH Business AdvisorPlus can be a stand alone program e.g. monthly meetings.

Virtual CFO, Bookkeeping, And Financial Diagnostics

Virtual CFO to Grow and Manage Your BusinessThese programs are for those franchisees with a financial background OR those franchisee who want to hire a financial person and reap the rewards of working with clients daily, weekly and monthly for substantial periods of time.

Virtual CFO

The virtual CFO programs give your clients that added boost by working with them on the core financial areas of their business.  Cash Flow Modeling, forecasting, budgets to actuals, general ledger matching to business management, management of your client’s finance team and the focus on all things money related. This is a great way to work with your clients or have your team work with your clients and gives your ProfitPlus franchise a great way to grow.


You can employ a bookkeeper or work with our virtual bookkeepers to manage the books for your clients business.  this gives you the foot in the door access to many clients who may not initially want to undertake the larger and more strategic programs offered by your business advisory arm.

Financial Diagnostic

The financial diagnostic is about delivering a comprehensive financial diagnostic on cash flow, value improvement, profit growth, working capital improvement, bank fund growth compared to revenue and profit growth and much more.  This can be delivered to a prospective client for a free bonus to entice a prospect to become a client or as a paid service.